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Song Of The Day/Week - Loneliness in my Heart, Misfortune on my Mind, Doubt in my Soul

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December 9th, 2012

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02:45 am - Song Of The Day/Week
After a year and six months, it's no longer me that you want..."

A song I heard a number of times over and over shortly after it's release became one song sadly that's hit me as reality to an extent sometime later, bringing on the downfall of my last previous relationship.

While someone who meant a lot to me will say this song means a lot to her, it's meant a lot to me also, but wayyyy before she may have first heard it. I continue to witness more and more just how things will never get better and how things may be better off the way they are now being how someone just can't ever do anything she says she will/would do.

In the end it's hopeless, and I'm on my own again, as always.

This song is quite emotional and one of my favorites, even if it hits kinda deeply, like a heartbreak's light jab in the face.

"Your chance for a new life came, and you threw it away.
Your dream of that family you always wanted...abandoned
Why wish for things you could never handle, dream of things that were once true
Why ruin it all"

-Silence 8/12

Eminem - Space Bound

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