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A Farm Grows In Brooklyn - Loneliness in my Heart, Misfortune on my Mind, Doubt in my Soul

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November 26th, 2012

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08:36 am - A Farm Grows In Brooklyn
Two Saturdays ago I ended up joining up with a group of volunteers from my bank to head to two (turned into three) locations around the city that were really hit by the storm. I actually almost didn't made it, since we all met up around 8am and I was working till around 12-1am the Friday before doing, of course, a move. Some good running and lucky subway ride got me there on time though. Originally I was going to the Rockaways part of my own borough, Queens, but the bus was full so I went to Brooklyn instead, to this little farm I never even knew existed.

The farm is actually a former parking lot that was hardly used and turned into a farm with soil being tossed on top some few feet deep. Sadly, it was drenched in a good 2-3 feet of water when the whole area was flooded. So we basically went there to do some labor, moving soil back, turning soil (since everything was turned into compost pretty much), and adding some compost, then flattening it out.

Yeah, that's an IKEA in the back lol. Def was labor intensive, but I was really glad to have done this. We were there till around 4pm and started heading back. The above picture does the place no justice, that's actually just one half of the farm lol.

Crops and whatnot grown here usually are donated and some also sold really cheap. The place houses after-school work projects and whatnot for teens as well. It's def a unique place and was really glad I could make a difference along with people from my bank who I haven't met before. This cool girl Amber, who ran the show here, still keeps in touch me.

Here's a silly shot of me just before wrapping it up:

Yeah, don't freak out by the lack of a jacket like some of the people there did lol. Remember, I used to live in Michigan =P

Current Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Date:November 26th, 2012 11:53 pm (UTC)
Look at you being all awesome and volunteering. What a great cause. It looks like a good time, too. Not that it has to be fun, but I find it always adds to my sense of purpose and community to work with other people to make other people's lives better.
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Date:November 28th, 2012 06:38 am (UTC)
Hehe, thanks =)

It def was labor intensive and even got blisters on my thumbs but it had that feelings you mentioned during every second of it. We all grabbed a bite at a nearby bar/diner that was affected as well. Eating there also made a diff.

Hoping to do something similar again soon...it's a calling after all and NYC is my hometown =)

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