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Final Actions - Loneliness in my Heart, Misfortune on my Mind, Doubt in my Soul

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November 30th, 2012

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03:27 pm - Final Actions
A week before my ex-manager told the team the news he was going to no longer be manager come the end of October, I was surprised to see two emails informing that I have receive some rewards through this rewards program my company has. It's nothing too big but was surprising. It basically thanked me for efforts in the last FL project we did in August as well as other things. I did suspect something was weird, and later on...we got the news about his job. My former manager is no longer here as of the middle of Oct.

My co-worker Gil was checking out his balance from his checking account and noticed there was a sum deposited that he didn't recognize (thinking it was from his mom lol). I checked my account and saw a similar sum as well pending in my account. An idea went through our minds and we checked out our E-paystubs online and noticed the sums were there. After making a quick txt message, we were right. Seems like my manager gave us both the quarterly bonus shortly before he left.

In the end, we both were probably the only ones in the dept who never drove him nuts or complained about a lot (besides my once asking for a raise). We just did and still do our job. He always seemed happy with our work, even when we all grab a bite, like the last time we grabbed a bite with him at Red Lobster weeks ago. I guess it def showed, till the last day.

Def made my day, especially with the project that's starting this weekend. I'll blab some about that later.

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