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Jacksonville II - Loneliness in my Heart, Misfortune on my Mind, Doubt in my Soul

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December 4th, 2012

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09:41 am - Jacksonville II
Just realized that LJ has been changing a couple of things around this site. Dunno what that's about but fortunately there's a "switch to old version" button nearby. I'll look into that later...what kinda changes could happen anyway? New color to the POST button lol.

So, some weeks ago the idea of making a trip to Jacksonville, FL again was being bounced around here and there and turns out it happened. I had hints about this trip in early August, after we finished our project during that time and now we'll back again. Just one thing...we're moving a good 800 people. Yeah big number...and it's split into two and tonight may be prob one of the busiest nights I ever had.

Guess that record 21-hour work day may not last past tonight...guess I'll let everyone know tomorrow =P.

Besides that, so far so good here. Six co-workers of mine are here, including Gilbert. We'll also have some local help, quite a lot of it too. Curious about how this will work out, being several people in my dept including Gil really did not want to engage in this being the number of people being moved in one night. It just breaks ever record and even limits as well.

So, here are a few shots from the last two days. I'll be here until almost the middle of December:

One of my favorite little signs in the world...the Welcome sign at LaGuardia airport

Flying over the Pentagon in Washington, DC

Always loved Florida sundowns, whether from Jacksonville or Boca Raton

Current Location: Jacksonville, FL
Current Music: Parasite Eve OST - Out Of Phase

(Smile Like You Mean It)

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