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Loneliness in my Heart, Misfortune on my Mind, Doubt in my Soul

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October 30th, 2012

05:38 pm - Hurricane Sandy II
With power lines being underground and not much rainfall, things went ok throughout the night the storm passed over. Wind def was a nasty problem which knocked down a pretty large tree just near my building. Fortunately it didn't fall against a building or land on any cars. It's still laying there as of this morning, slowly being sawed into pieces by some crews.

For the rest of NYC was def a different story depending where it is. I know downtown Manhattan has lost power, though intentionally from the power co, so the building I work at on Wall St is running on generators now. Funny enough there was a "powerdown" test over a weekend just a week ago to test those generators. Flooding did occur in different parts of the outer parts of the city, though I'm hopeful it didn't hit my job's building. My buddy Christine, who works in our NJ location, has been there since Saturday and prob is elsewhere now with her boyfriend since that location was shut down.

There's still no subway, but with buses coming partially back online, I'm considering going to my job and seeing what's up after a conference call this early afternoon. Doesn't seem like going to work tomorrow may happen either, but being that my dept is in the basement...the pwoer has been shutoff and kinda wanna move those computers elsewhere so I can remote into them. I also want tos ee if any assistance for the most part is needed. I'll be back by the evening. I may even bike there...we'll see.

Guess I'll post later on and let you all how things are going. Stay coolz everyone.

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October 29th, 2012

10:05 pm
Damn this wind...

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03:56 pm - Hurricane Sandy
With the subway shutdown as well as buses and winds starting to kick in now, I'm def not going to work today and maybe not Tuesday either but am remoting into my computer there.

I wish I took a picture before I left on Friday but my co-workers and I covered up all the equipment there with plastic bags and all. Most of you know I work in the basement, three levels down...lol. So if any place may get flooded it prob will be there, though it doesn't seem likely however. Wind is really the pain in the ass this time around, not so much the rain...besides the surges.

It's only been a year since Hurricane Irene hit last year and I spent that weekend in Staten Island with Katrina and the kids, fighting off flooding off her place...even using a snow shovel to toss water into the bathtub for hours. Her being elsewhere now, she'll probably be better off. While the wind still isn't too bad and I was able to run to Popeyes to grab some chicken and come back...still anticipate it's gonna get bad tonight.

Guess we'll see what happens. Def prepared here though, hella lot of batteries, a lot of emergency flashlights I've collected over the years from work, and decent amount of water. My sister Amy and her BF are here also.

I'll shoot an update later with maybe a few pics. Stay coolz everyone.

Current Location: NYC...windy NYC

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October 24th, 2012

12:28 am - Random Song of the Day/Week
Since playing the Street Fighter games, a female name that struck me a lot as a nice name was Sakura. More known as a Japanese name (which means Cherry Blossom), I feel it sounds very unique and as some people know...I can be a sucker for names that begin with certain letters and S is definitely one of them lol. It may end up being a name I give to a future daughter as well, an idea that was brought on by someone else as well.

The theme song of the character from the game is also nice as well, and thought I'd go ahead and post it here for fun. Mind you...it's a game, so no lyrics...but def catchy.

And yes...when my future little girl grows up, I will be teaching her how to defend herself.

Super Street Fighter IV - Sakura's Theme

Current Location: NYC
Current Music: Sakura's Theme

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October 22nd, 2012

11:53 pm - Japan & South Korea
Hopefully within the next three months, I'll be taking my heavily anticipated trip to Japan, something I've always wanted to to do since I was 7 years old for some reason.

And after seeing some shots and stories of some people I work with, I also plan to visit South Korea as well, being they're so close to each other. Maybe I'll visit the DMZ too, being how much research and stuff I've looked into on North Korea.

Japan and South Korea on my mind. If I do it, I'll be the farthest away from NYC anyone from my family has ever been.

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11:48 pm - Farewell To My Manager
I have to admit it's been a pretty crazy past few weeks at work. Referring back to the entry I wrote recently about how changes are going to be happening and how my manager's last day is the end of this month...well...it happened a lot sooner and my manager is officially gone as of two Fridays ago. The sad thing he didn't leave or get laid off, he actually got fired. It's a long story about what happened, but it was a surprise to find out when I came to work on the 12th and found out the news. It was a real mess as to what happened though. Maybe I'll get into later. Seems like he violated protocol according to the bank's policy and that's why. No, he wasn't stealing information or anything like that. I still don't believe it should have happened since my manager, like my previous boss at my old high school, was another person I really enjoyed working for, very reasonable and more than fair. I'm glad I was always on his good side and even afterwards I still am as well.

I was in the blue about what had happened, but my co-worker Gilbert told me he got a message from him saying he is having this get-together with some people from my job at a Red Lobster after work this past week. I decided to join him there, where he told me everything that happened and also how unfair he feels he has been treated, but regardless...he recently had an interview for a new job with a similar position somewhere else. I def wished him well and also told him how I disagree with the HR's choice of words sometimes, looking back in my experience in 2007 when there was that "misunderstanding". Speaking of which...I never did officially get into what happened involving that and being it's been a good 5 years since that time...I'll prob write an entry about it. My ex-manager also mentioned how his position (if he gets it) at the new place puts him in a position to bring people he would prefer, which a possibility of working somewhere else with probably better pay. It's a nice offer and one I'll keep in mind. For now, I'll stay where I am. I treated him to some Cold Stone Ice Cream, my favorite, afterwards and parted ways. Several other co-workers and guys who work at my job were there. I did notice a few faces missing for obvious reasons. Like I said before in some entries over the years...some people weren't a biggie fan of my former manager.

With my manager's departure, he never got to pass on his knowledge of running two departments to the new lady, someone who my co-workers don't really have high hopes for lol. Over the last few weeks, some changes have gone on with the ticketing system and all involving work and it's been a real mess. With no one experienced really to escalate problems to, the place is starting to fall apart. Gilbert and I are both in out own little world with the Move/Relocation team so we have our own procedure of doing things which hasn't changed but my co-workers really are seeing a lot of bull. I noticed my paperwork has also become a pain in the ass thanks to these changes. Like I said in my last entry...I've been ready for the last 3 months or so for any eventualities that may happen come the end of this month, so if they want things to fall apart...so be it. I def wouldn't mind taking the rest of the year off traveling before heading back to the workplace come early next year.

Seems unlikely though, since many higher ups and business line managers have vouched for Gilbert and I (saying things like "I don't care about anyone else, just don't get rid of my move guys"). Our job is very unique and we're damn good at it...duh...remember the crazy hours lol. There is also the possibility of making another trip to Jacksonville, FL again sometime in the next few weeks for another move...this time over 500 people! Chances are we'd probably be staying there for almost two weeks. That would be something, though still not a fan of the hotass weather, but I may sneak away for a few days after such a project ends to my usual hangout place in Boca Raton, FL. Oh yeah, there's a debate going on there lol.

As I said before, I usually don't work for big companies for too long...just way too many people to report to and also who could cause problems and ends up being more drama than it may be worth. I did keep my job longer when I started dating Katrina in 2010 and was partially supporting her and the kids, but with that relationship now over/in limbo I can safely say I'm ok with this job moving on. I def do like working here though and feel good about saying where I work and also the idea of traveling around the country for projects. What I'm trying to say is if I have to let it go...so be it. It's unlikely though, and then also...I prefer to hold onto it anyway.

Guess we'll see what happens. Sadly...recently some of the temps no longer have much work to do in my dept and no longer will work there (besides the moves we run). Things def have changed since the 2007ish day I first started working there *sigh*

Bye Mr. C...I def will miss working with you. I def believe and long to follow the ideals you put on my department when you started working there. As crazy as it may have been to run the dept and even create a new one for Windows 7 migrations, I always remembered the sense of calm you had and hope to follow such an example in the future whenever I may run a show myself...one day.

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October 9th, 2012

11:04 pm - Silent Hill: Revelation
Years ago, I borrowed a game from Lior's neighbor's place and kinda kinda played it. It was around the time that my sister and her BF at the time were obsessed with the Resident Evil 2 game (then again, who wasn't lol). Hearing about a somewhat equally horror game, I ended up borrowing Silent Hill and for a few days I played it. Very very different kind of game, and one I actually ended up liking. I ended up returning it, and shortly after I got my first computer, shooting my attention towards that instead as well as my first relationship.

I wasn't surprised to learn a movie came out, but as with many movies based on video games...they usually sucked. However, one night I was living in Michigan, I made it a Blockbuster night (literally...had a free hookup all the time lol) and rented it on DVD. Have to say...def was impressed with how good of a transition it was, as well as also demonstrating a similar metaphorical aura. The movie was mostly based on the first and second games and the whole soundtrack are from the Silent Hill games as well. I've posted some of the OST songs on here since they're really composed well and really leave an eerie feeling sometimes.

A new sequel is coming out later this month, and dunno how it will turn out, but thought I'd post it on here. If anyone here hasn't seen the first film, I def recommend it, especially with Halloween coming up lol. This film is supposed to be based on the third game, which makes sense...being the main character. Not sure how I feel about the 3D though...

While I don't play games too much anymore, I def enjoy killing time on youtube watching others play them lol. Funny, huh?

Here's a trailer:

Current Location: Where Is Silent Hill
Current Music: Silent Hill OST

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October 1st, 2012

11:46 pm
Only slept like 3 hours last night and worked Monday from 6:30am to about 9pm.

I am def beat.

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September 27th, 2012

12:47 am - Quote
Seriously...if you can't stand up to words you said you would do for someone else, then you probably have nothing that person would have wanted in the end.

-Silence 9/2012

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12:41 am - My Manager
These last few weeks have been an odd roller coaster in many ways. Some pieces I have to admit I actually had some chance to really emotionally relax. With how things have gone last month after my trip to Jacksonville, FL for work, I realize I still need to stick myself together. Work, a particular person, along with other things have really taken a toll on me these past few weeks.

For now I'll let it be, though honestly in reference to one aspect of it all, I'm starting to have enough. I'll get into that later.

One thing that's been on my mind more so since the month began and more so now since the month is coming to a close is work related. Not the usual drama I sometimes bring up but this year has had a lot of my co-workers on edge since the contract our organization has coming to an end this end of October and for the last few months now...been going back and forth about when it will be renewed...if it will be renewed. Being the cautious person I am, I've kinda prepared for the worst possible outcome and stood my ground these last few weeks. I occasionally warn some of my co-workers also to keep the thoughts on their mind that they shouldn't plan too far ahead when mentioning "next year" or whatnot, mostly my co-worker. After several weeks of anticipation, seems like some answers are finally coming out and as guessed, def not good news. No worries though to start off...I still have my job...and don't see it ending anytime soon. However, my co-workers were all in shock and I was too somewhat when my manager's boss mentioned how my manager won't be part of the program anymore come the end of October. Seems like they are knocking down some numbers from the upper management area.

I really couldn't say much and I plan to say something private on the side to him when I get a chance and also have the right words as well, but it really did shake me, though sadly...from the feelings I absorbed from him last week and also some of the things he said...I began to have my suspicions. I've known my manager for some years now and when I became full-time as a temp...besides Gilbert at the time, he was my boss. He also advised me on what to do when the whole 2007 disaster struck involving my job and my past, something that eventually cleared up 2 months later (I may have written about it).

What does suck is how he is going, and I know the numbers had to be reduced sadly in the upper management, but why keep...for example...one dude that clearly can't do his job well as well as another one who has only been working here for what...a year and a half?

I have to admit, I know last year around this time there was a disagreement between myself and my manager that was really a misunderstanding and something that was resolved fairly quickly, but I honestly haven't worked with such a great person besides my last boss Bruce from my previous job at the Adult Center at my old high school. I hope I can come up with some good words for my manager sometime before the end of the week or early next week.

I'll probably get into more of work drama later on. For now...for me at least...nothing really has changed. While any changes won't take effect till the end of October and as said...hardly anything will change for me, except to who I report to at the end of the day...if things begin to slide downwards from there...I think it's time for me to move on. I said before how I usually don't work for big places for too long and think my sign may be coming soon, unless some big advantageous change comes my way lol.

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